Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Taking a break from Wrong Turn and gonna watch some Friday the 13th for the remainder of the night. 

You know, honestly, I gave this a 2 1/2 when I first rated it because the cheesy ass 3D effects just ruined it for me, but now that I’ve watched this about 4 or 5 more times since then, I don’t mind them at all. I actually grown to get a laugh out of them and quite enjoy it. The kills are awesome in this one and this is also the one where Jason gets his hockey mask, so that’s epic in itself.  I don’t know, I’ve always said that the Nightmare franchise was my favorite but I’ve been slowly but surely swaying to the Friday franchise here lately. I pretty much love every single one of them up until Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes To Hell. So you can  expect some updated rankings coming for this franchise soon.

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