Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

Is SCREAM 2 better than the original? Sequels, by definition alone, they’re inferior films (quote, SCREAM 2). In all seriousness, I loved this film. I don’t hold it in as high regard as the first film due to some minor issues; such as some simple pacing issues in my eyes and a lack luster killer (meaning Mickey, liked the edition of Billy’s mom). Wes Craven does a great job with the addition of Kevin Williamson’s wonderful writing, assembling one of the top 3 slasher sequels in my eyes (two of which would be Craven if I may add). It’s no doubt the Scream Franchise will forever be some of the most clever horror films, and I cannot wait to watch the last two films (I haven’t actually seen the 4th film) and let you guys know what I think about them. So look out for those.

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