Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

Interesting watching these two Spider-Man films back to back; especially as someone who has no idea what happened and what movies line up in between the two continuity wise, but I really liked how Peter and Happy’s relationship has blossomed since Homecoming and all the MJ/Peter stuff. Overall, this film has a lot of cool things about it. Jake Gyllenhal as Mysterio who I thought was completely badass. The character of Mysterio alone was really interesting and led to some very nice visuals throughout the film. Also, I’m really beginning to dig Holland more and more as Spidey. Look forward to rewatching these films in the future because I’ve enjoyed them both a fair bit to my surprise. Still may enjoy the first one a tiny bit more, but nonetheless, both are recommended films and are solid for sure.

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