Us ★★★★½

OK, this was so good. I’ve seen so many mixed reactions to this film that I was so curious to see how I would react to it,
and I wasn’t let down. Like Get Out, I do think it could quite possibly be better the second time around because the film is so thought provoking that it’s hard to take it all in at once during the first watch. But anyway, on to some positives I’ve heard countless times already that Lupita Nyong’o performance is phenomenal, and I think phenomenal is an understatement.. I don’t even have a word to discribe how I felt about her performance. Her scenes in the last act of the film blew me the fuck away. Not to forget to mention, the kids, they are great as well and child actors are normally are not the best. Only person I was disappointed with was Winston Duke. This could have been less about his performance but how his character was written. I just didn’t think a comic relief was all to necessary to be honest. Let me stop talking about the performances and just take a second to talk about how beautiful and well made this film was; the cinematography, sound design, set design, the editing, just the whole nine yards, it was astounding. This really shows that Peele without a doubt has the potential to be one of the greatest film makers of his generation, but only time will tell that. Now, please go see this film and don’t give the whole “greatest horror film of all time” crap any mind because that’s just a marketing strategy. Mind you, this may not be the greatest of all time in my opinion, but like Get Out, this was one hell of a film and I firmly believe 30 to 40 years from now this will be something to remember.

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