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  • Olive Kitteridge

    Olive Kitteridge

    Excellent show. Held off since it came out because i wanted to read the book, realized it'd probably take me years to get around to it as there's so many more i want to read first and just watched it. I'm (half) glad i watched it first because i feel like the written versions of Olive and Henry could never live up to the ones brought to life by McDormand and Jenkins. That's something i never say and had i…

  • The Origins of AIDS

    The Origins of AIDS

    Wish i had actually read the synopsis before watching, stumbled upon it and watched because i'm very interested in the origin of the HIV Pandemic. This is about the theory that it was caused by polio vaccines in the late 50s, a theory that was debunked almost immediately! It's been proven that HIV-1 was circulating long before the vaccines begun in 1958 (1908 in Cameroon is where it's thought to have begun, even if that proves to be untrue it…

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  • Under Capricorn

    Under Capricorn


    Why the hell isn't this appreciated more? Is it because it's a period film which is weird for Hitch instead of a 20th Century set thriller? Don't see why though despite the unfamiliar for Hitch setting it's very clearly one of his films. Has the scheming, the naive man, the manipulator, the exact kind of suspect romance he often goes for, etc. Admittedly it didn't have the music and as a result the suspense but he didn't even try to…

  • Mysteries of Lisbon

    Mysteries of Lisbon


    This was four and a half hours long so i watched it over three days in three 90 minute installments, well the last was about 85. Of course this wasn't as easy of a watch as other 4+ Hour films i watched recently (well not really recently but the last two anyway) like the often fast paced and action oriented Love Exposure & Carlos. It's a period drama that's heavily dialogue driven, we basically go from storyteller to storyteller for over…