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lil bitch

so many film bros!! where are my film shawties:(

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out

    okay so ur about to get an influx of updated movies that ive watched this year because i fell off this app and some of them are so stupid just: get ready

  • Possessor


    absolute mindfuck and the body jump sequence has some of the most insane special effects i’ve ever glad david cronenberg procreated

    might need a rewatch cause some of it felt a little overwraught and i wanna know if that was intentional or just self indulgent lmao

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  • Divines



    I wanna be oulaya amamya when i grow up

  • An Angel at My Table

    An Angel at My Table


    I’m so sick of Jane Campion I know that probably makes me sound like a shitty woman but I’m not just gonna sit here and say that her work is the least dynamic, snoozefest inducing, pity women fest I’ve ever seen. My film professor really had the entire filmmaking world at her fingertips and made us watch....THREE jane campion movies. Rude. Where’s your taste? Do you enjoy the self torture of sitting through boring movies?