Tenet ★★★★


Chrisopher Nolan’s new film is not perfect by any means. It a damn fucking fine action block buster! 

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Nolan, and I don’t understand why. I’ve never been able to rewatch any of his films but when I first watch them I absolutely love them. 

I watched “Tenet” in IMAX and it was so fucking cool it was actually my first IMAX film and it was a fucking blast. 

Some people said this film was confusing or hard to understand, but I thought it was pretty comprehensible. I mean after every act they would literally tell you what just happened—in the chats our main character had with that old women—and even without those I predicted the plot after the first 40 minutes. 

That’s not a bad thing at all though, it’s a great fucking story and a fun one. I didn’t go into this film with my brain turned off and I still had fun. I think it’s perfect for normal film fans and cinephiles.

The score is probably my favorite part about the film, it was so fucking great and really helped make scenes tense but also question what was going on. On top of that the action was a lot of fun. 

The inverse scenes were definitely interesting, sometimes I loved them, sometimes they gave me a headache. But it was very impressive. 

Like I was saying, the film was not perfect. The editing is very bizarre, sometime on purpose to trick your mind. But nonetheless still very annoying at times. Especially when they would cut to close ups of a characters face responding to another character. 

I’ll probably have a lot more negatives on my second watch but right now I really enjoyed this film. Just go in open minded, I was not disappointed. 

- 8/10

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