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  • Spider-Man



    incessantly chessy, like really goofy, but all in an effort to capture the nature of the og 60s ditko comics. maybe i'm just nostalgic for the raimi films, but this is definitely the most fun i've had with a capeshit movie for a while. it's simple and warm, full of jokes that actually make you laugh instead of pointless quips.

    can't wait to watch the rest of the trilogy. maguire solos every other spiderman 😈

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    wes creates a mosaic euro-anthology that perfectly suits his grand breadth and range and i completely love it. each of the segments are a joy to watch, whether they be melancholic or funny or off-kilter. throughout all there's an interconnected sense of loneliness and societal ills - crime, violence, mental illness, doomed romance - paralleled with the power of art, whether it be journalism, cartoons, theatre and even tableau. the overall picture is one of great highs and bleak lows;…

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  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    it's true; james gunn makes the best cape shit. blockbusters that indulge in their own style, turning up the pulpiness, color scheme and personality always outrank the samey team up movies. this isn't quite as good as either of the guardians films, mostly because of the pacing, which feels both haphazard in it's swiftness and constrained in it's logistics. still, the character moments are there, suitably warm and moving, balanced with the crude cutthroat bloodiness that gunn extracts from his…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    wasn't nearly awake enough to fully experience this on my first watch, so needless to say i pretty much love this movie now.

    beyond all the obvious iconic features ingrained in pop culture, the matrix is also supremely effective in it's look, storytelling and action. neo-gothic y2k sounds pretty cringe on paper but it works wonderfully in spite of any pre-requisite cheesiness. the plot also plays out so smoothly, a kind of trail of breadcrumbs being carefully left behind in…