Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

Can we just appreciate how well this movie is doing commercially. For a film that only got a limited release in America and delayed releases pretty much everywhere else, this film has burst through the bubble of obscurity and exploded onto the scene because of its sheer high quality coupled with the power of the word of mouth.

The Daniels already informed us right from their start that "normal" was never a priority in their art with Swiss Army Man. But connecting to genuine and multiversal emotions showing the beautiful side of humanity is at the essence of what they've worked for thus far. Once again they have succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations with the technical flair and vision that Everything Everywhere all at Once excites us with. It's a pure fucking assault on the senses that could keep a narcoleptic awake but it is so incredibly thrilling and bombastic and wild and sui generis and real and fantastic and....everything. Meaningless has never turned a new leaf better than this. If I truly needed to harp on the film I would say that some of its comedic moments didn't always hit their mark but that's a blip in the rolling ocean compared to the rest. I dare not imagine the number of camera set ups and planning and admin they had to go through to get this made, it's enough to make an event planner quake but I'm so pleased they got it made and how it's gained a wide audience with hopeful speed.

EEAAO (Sounds like a noise Freddy Mercury would make come to think of it) will be talked about for many years to come as it stomps through nihilistic bagel shaped voids to unveil beauty with a hope fulfilling perspective lense. A true all time feel good film.

P.S: Marvel could never


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