Lamb ★★★

Don't see what's wierd about it. Just another day in the Scottish Highlands.

There are many things I loved about this. It looks stunning and the opening scenes are loquacious without saying a single word. Something darkly eerie is present from the word go. I can only imagine the royal hell everyone went through getting these animals to do the right thing for the scenes but whatever Cesar Milan type sheep whisperer they got on set did wonders. So in those terms, top notch. Otherwise the films veers into an unnecessary b-plot involving an uncle and the themes of toying with Mother Nature are more observational than analytical. Like, I get they're tryna say that if humans overstep their bounds then something bad will happen but, yeah, no shit. They've manifested the nature vs nurture debate in as literal a manner as possible and while it provides some fascinating direct metaphors and ponderances, it never felt particularly profound. I suppose Lamb can be considered a 'bad' A24 film but even then that's pretty good by most cinematic standards.

P.S: If anything watch it for the ending....


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