The Fallout

The Fallout ★★★★

The Fallout sneakily begins in cliché territory by showing some teenagers saying some teenage dialogue doing teenage things and you immediately start thinking "agg, one of these films."

But then you notice that it has a different feel, a certain style that sets itself apart and draws you in to what could possibly make this interesting and then the core event happens and it all comes together. It continues to explore its characters in a beautiful way as they attempt to transcend the demons scratching away at them. Vada desperately tries to ablate her emotions from the whole scenario but remaining assertortic in such circumstances is rarely an option and she begins to, as someone with a degree might assess, act out. Other films have explored why someone may commit such an act while others explore the effect it has on families and friends, and while The Fallout falls in the latter category, the sword of Damocles forever hanging over the film and us points towards the former. I suppose the only decisive solution that's made is that something has to change.

The Fallout very quickly shows how impressive it is at blending comedic high school drama with serious topical issues which results in a hard hitting yet strangely rewatchable film. Don't wanna jinx it but I think 2022 is going to be a great year for films.