The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Um so having anything cogent to say about this will be a challenge. This film takes the term "surreal" and goes absolutely crazy with it. And funnily enough as insane, disgusting, voyeuristic, gory and just plain weird as this film can get, there is always a tiny inkling of a message or point behind the circus show. Not always clear but a link can be made the majority of the time.

Jodorowsky has a supreme imagination and an unrivalled eye for the daliesque in everything. The swathes of symbols and metaphors are beautiful to look at if not nausea inducing. These symbols are grand and take a lot of balls to execute which ties in poetically to the ultimate message of the film which Jodorowsky himself tells us at the end. Just go live life, be bold and give it everything you got. Jodorowsky is a clear embodiment of this idea and by throwing the entirety of his being at this film, The Holy Mountain is unforgettable love it or hate. It is truly an experience which Jodorowsky so treasures in day to day life. I wish I had more to say but it would just drip out incoherantly so I will let the film speak for itself.

P.S: I want to meet whoever was in charge of putting the costumes on the lizards and frogs. Must have one hell of a story to tell.

P.P.S: I recently learnt that Kanye West and Spike Jonze went out of their way to meet up Jodorowsky in Nice in France at the hotel he was staying in and when they met up Jodorowsky read Kanye West his tarot cards and I swear I'm not lying.


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