The Vigil

The Vigil ★★★

Watching debut films is always fascinating to me. It's a new voice with a new perspective and succeed or fail, getting a film made is impressive in of itself.
The Vigil is a good start for Keith Thomas even though it lacks confidence. If this was my first go, I wouldn't be complaining. The Vigil lacks....stuff. I know that's vague but by the end, it felt like there was very little meat to the film despite crafting a pretty creepy atmosphere with some decent scares. The film is at its best in its quiet and somewhat meditative moments. It rushes into the horror too quickly sometimes though losing focus of what makes indie horror more compelling than blockbuster Blumhouse horror a lot of the time. I hope to see what more Thomas has to offer and who knows, maybe we'll get a Buddhist horror next.
Despite the occasional shortcoming, The Vigil shows off Keith Thomas' talents while also delving into the rarely ventured land of Jewish horror.

P S: Shoutout to Chris Stuckmann for making me aware of the film's existence.