• The Last Duel

    The Last Duel


    So bummed this film absolutely bombed at the box office because when Ridley goes historical, he always brings the goods.

    The Last Duel tells three separate accounts of the relationship between Le Gris and Carrouges and the subsequent charge of rape layed against Le Gris but Carrouge's wife. The fact that it portrays the same string of events thrice over means it feels a bit repetitive but playing eye spy with all the changing nuances and character dynamics is an…

  • Terrifier



    Terrifier is a mean spirited, gross excuse to cut things off of people. But I don't think it intended on ever being anything else. I knew what I was getting into when I pressed the play button and that's why I watched it. The gore effects are great and Art the Clown is unnerving but torture porn rarely impresses me nowadays as a whole. For me, watching this film involved being bored waiting for the next kill and thinking "cool…

  • Labyrinth



    If I saw this as a kid it would give me permanent trauma as well be the coolest thing ever. Jim Henson is incredible and after seeing Requiem for a Dream, Jennifer Connely being in this felt weird.

    P.S: Those goblins get to chill with David Bowie all day as he puts on mini concerts. Baby got a good deal if you ask me.


  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    Woody, I love you man but this role ain't for you.
    Tom Hardy, you're killing it, keep it up old sport.
    Michelle Williams, I'm sorry you had to read those lines they gave you.
    Naomie Harris, if you were replaced with a dog whistle, the film would not change one bit logistically.
    MCU, this movie is stupid as all hell, should have just made it R rated.


  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    A stop motion nightmare playing as a surreal metaphor for the crimes committed at the Chilean enclave founded by Nazi sympathiser/child abuser Paul Schafer. Through that lense this is one of the darkest animated films out there but the art style cannot go without mention as it is astoundingly hypnotic, and the hypnotic trip will leave one baffled and severely disturbed. This is a surrealist film by any definition so my thoughts on it aren't exactly structured but it is an unforgettable 73 minute experience I implore you to give a chance.

    P.S: It's free on YouTube too so why not.


  • I See You

    I See You


    I was just randomly scrolling through the Netflix catalogue to put on something as background noise and I thought a Netflix horror film would be the perfect sack of crap to echo behind my attention span. Turns out it ended up being...well not a sack of crap but a competent and well executed film. The execution is better than the premise, it's also better than the acting. Helen Hunt has just never been compelling for me and at the least…

  • Spencer



    Johnny Greenwood sir you make me tittilate.

    Spencer tells an antediluvian horror story surrounding the much beloved Princess Diana being constricted by the traditions and laws of the crown. Kristen Stewart adorns the royal title and is yet another member of the Twilight family that has shot to new heights. Pablo Lorrain keeps Diana and his audience constantly teetering on the precipice of a mental breakdown. The beginning half hour is perfectly executed and had me wrapped around its jewellery…

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    From everything I've heard I expected this to be something of a dumpster fire but it was actually respectable. Abandoning Myers was an interesting move and I can get why people weren't particularly thrilled with that at the time of its release but it uses its small town conspiracy plot well enough all things considered. Yes it's stupid and campy, yes the characters are meh and not everything is well explained or thought out but it has solid practical effects…

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    "So how was your day?"

    The driver: "Well three years ago I had an abortion during an air raid and now I only see life in terms of blood and fire."


    Drive my Car is smooth, seemless and manages to justify a 3 hour runtime. So many poetic moments between characters and the scene with the deaf actor on stage near the end may just be my favourite scene of the year. Overly wordy at times but confrontingly human…

  • 3 Women

    3 Women


    Supposedly this came to Robert Altman fully formed in a dream, cast and everything which is impressive considering my dreams amount to absolute pish.

    Anyway 3 Women is a truly astonishing film where the interplay between personalities, their desire to be stolen or subsumed and their generational effect on a culture provides the basis between Milly and Pinky's relationship. There are so many layers to this film displayed in a carefully nuanced manner. The symbolism of the Earth mother, the…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Jane Campion gives trembling life and cruelty to Benedict Cumberbatch's bullying antagonist as he mentally terrorises his brother's nascent family into submission as well as self realisation. The gorgeous vistas provide a suitable backdrop for this tale of masculinity but as with the land they watch over, each soul on the ranch carries scars and secrets. A great addition to this soon ending year's slate of films and will give the academy something to consider for a number of categories.

    P.S: Deliverance's dueling banjos got competition with Power of the Dog's dueling Pianjo scene.


  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    Who are all you fuckin wierdos giving this 5 stars. This has a 4.4 average on letterboxd. Just for context Taxi Driver has a 4.2 and There will be Blood has a 4.4. You telling me this is at There Will Be Bloods level!!!! I didn't see Taylor Swift lift no child from a burning oil mine and give a monologue about milkshakes that sent a chill down my spine. She literally bitched about a guy that did nothing wrong.…