Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

The characters in Multiverse of Madness have me so conflicted! There's stuff about them I loved, and some other stuff that still disappoints me. I still think it's a fun movie tho, and I had tons of fun with it!

The stuff that bothers me have to do with Wanda, the Illuminati and Mordo.
I mostly liked Wanda: Elizabeth Olsen kills it, and the movie's way of portraying the Scarlet Witch as this all powerful, relentless villain so blinded by pain you can't reason with them, was really cool and tragic. But her transition to being a villain felt so abrupt, it stills feels jarring to me. They made an entire mini series about her, and the only set up for her remorseless villainous persona was a post credits scene??? WAT??? It felt so deflating to me, to watch her character go through the journey she went through in WandaVision, only to have her growth basically deleted, by an "evil book" of all things.

The Illuminati and Mordo were also cool, but disappointing at the same time for me. I highlight Mordo because (talking about post credits scenes) the first Doctor Strange set up Mordo as a villain, but the Mordo we know doesn't show up in this movie at all, which is very weird. The Illuminati were a huge bait and switch as well; it was cool to see them for the first time, but now on a rewatch, knowing they're not in the movie for long (and they don't contribute much to Strange's journey)... again, I'm conflicted lol. Also, they're kind of big jerks lmao

Thankfully, the stuff I love about this movie more than makes up for those little rants I just had lol. I loved, LOVED, Strange in this movie. I thought his whole journey of relinquishing control, and the parallels it draws with Wanda and America, was super sweet. And we got a little bit of backstory that really made me feel for him.

I also loved America Chavez, and how her story and personality are so similar yet different to Strange's. Like Strange, something traumatic happened to her when she was little, but unlike Stephen, instead of trying to control everything, she doesn't even try to master her abilites, instead choosing to run away. Just like Strange, she's scared of her lack of control, but she coped with that in a totally different way, and I loved that.
And I adored their relationship! They were sweet together; I loved how America learns to trust Stephen, and how Strange helps America trust herself too, and unlike his counterparts, he never questions saving her, above everything! He's truly the best Strange in the Multiverse. ❤

I also loved the other parts of this movie. The action sequences and visual effects are insanely cool (that musical fight was EVERYTHING 🤩) and unexpectedly brutal, and the score by Danny Elfman is epic! The story is relentless too, once a wedding gets interrupted in the start of the movie, it kicks off and it never lets up. Even during the middle part, which is a little more quiet, I could always feel the presence and the threat of the Scarlet Witch getting nearer and nearer, it was super tense!

There's stuff about Multiverse of Madness I feel pretty conlficted about, but even with those things, they're never all bad in my opinion, and the movie is still a blast. I loved Strange, America and Wong, and the action was tons of fun, not to mention a few scenes that made me tear up ("I love you in every universe" 😭). I love Stephen more than ever now, and I'm excited to see more of America in the MCU (seriously, she's adorable lmao).

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