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  • Lassie Come Home

    Lassie Come Home


    Cinematic Time Capsule
    1943 Marathon - Film #26

    ”Lassie won't be waiting for ye at school anymore”

    In one of the cruelest family-film openings ever, Roddy McDowall’s parents sell his beloved dog, Lassie… and then don’t even bother to tell him!

    β€œShouldn’t we be telling, Joe?”
    β€œHe’ll find this out for himself” 😯

    This was the first of seven Lassie films from MGM, and even though no one falls in a well, the rest of the story is pretty much…

  • Du Barry was a Lady

    Du Barry was a Lady


    Cinematic Time Capsule
    1943 Marathon - Film #25

    ”The next time I get hitched it’s for dough”

    Lucille Ball finds herself caught up in a 'love or money' rectangle of several suitors, including an over-used Red Skelton and an woefully under-used Gene Kelly.

    There’s a few great numbers with Tommy Dorsey’s Orchestra, and a show stealing performance from the wonderfully dead-pan, Virginia O’Brien. However, a little Red Skelton goes a long way, and this film simply had waaayyy too much…

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    This movie taught me two important life lessons:

    1. Buy duplicates of a single outfit so you don’t waste brainpower trying to decide what to wear.

    2. Don’t drink and teleport.

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    ”You’ll eat less than you desire and more than you deserve”

    A devilish dining experience of catharsis and revenge for anyone who’s ever had to serve.

    Here is a five course of sampling of the delicacies I most enjoyed during this viewing experience. And of course, we’ll endeavor to make your reading as pleasant as possible.

    βœ… Amuse-Bouche: The Boat Trip

    I love that we jump right into story without a long preamble. The entire film is setup in a…