Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley ★★★★

”Is he a man or is he a beast?”

Step right up
Step right up
Step right up
This film’s a winner
Noir and gore
That's right you too can be the proud viewer of
The quality goes in before the name goes on
One tenth carnival
One tenth scam
We got twists after the grifts
How 'bout Blanchett
We got Collette
How 'bout Bradley Cooper
Somethin' for the little lady
Somethin' for the little lady
Somethin' for the little lady
3 for a dollar
Act now
Act now
And receive as our gift
Our gift to you
Mr Dafoe and his freaky jars
One size fits all
There’s muss, there’s fuss
And yep, there will be blood
Nose-less! Nose-less!
Someone goes nose-less
Don’t miss the show
Don't settle for less
How does he do it
How does he do it
Craftsman! Craftsman!
Del Toro’s a Craftsman!
You've heard it advertised
Don't hesitate
Brad gets caught with his drawers down
Jenkins turns a sandwich into a banquet
Steenburgen visits her relatives
And Tim Blake offers a drink and heartbreak
Christ, you don't know the meaning of heartbreak buddy
You just step right up
Please allow 139 minutes for delivery
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations
You got it buddy
The large print giveth
And the small print taketh away
Step right up
You can step right up
Step right up
Step right up

"So what do you say…
Think you can handle it?"

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