Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night ★★★½

”So, any of these hacked beasties your handiwork?”


Adopting a rescue animal is no small task and can be especially daunting for first-time owners. To help simplify the process, here some things to keep in mind before giving a rescue animal a forever home:

Test how well-trained the rescue animal is.
You can do a couple of quick tests to assess the potential adoptee's intelligence and level of training. For example, do they come to you when you call their name? Can they follow basic commands like "sit" or "stay?" Do they respect the boundaries of the cage?

Take note of the potential adoptee’s energy level.
It's important to consider the amount of energy and time you have to devote to a new friend. Do you live in a smaller urban area without much room for your new friend to run around? If so, that high-energy monster may be unhappy.

See how your prospective choice socializes with humans and other monsters.
A pet that has been adequately socialized is friendly to most people and other animals. Perhaps arrange a backyard activity such as a ceremonial hunt with humans and other monsters. This exposes them to new surroundings and encourages them to socialize.

Be sure you have your house ready and stocked with any supplies an adoptee might need.
Will you need teething toys? What about fur brushes? Is a flaming tuba appropiate? Is your cage strong enough? How do you know? Have you tested it? What about those shock sticks? Will they actually subdue the critter, or just really piss it off?

Finally, be sure to figure out if you're actually an ideal candidate for an animal companion.
Many people want a furry friend, but that doesn't always mean they're ready for the responsibility. Sit down and ask yourself if you really want this or if you’re only doing it out of spite, or a thirst for revenge? Seriously, what’s more important right now, introducing a new creature into your household, or obtaining and controlling the Bloodstone?

And remember, with proper care, your new pet will grow into a happy, healthy creature — and provide you with love and companionship for years to come….

”Well… I can’t wait to find out what breeeed of evil you are.”

We’re Werewolves not Swear-wolves

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