Pyun brings us a breezy 85 minute movie (as with most Full Moon Productions, about 10 of those minutes are opening credits) in which the kid from A CHRISTMAS STORY warps into a video game with the love interest from ENCINO MAN. the name of the video game is literally Arcade, and i guess you're supposed to skateboard through a tunnel with some spikes and there's an evil spirit thing. this is one of the most 90's things ever produced, and the visuals swing wildly between typical Pyun beauty and hilariously awful -yet-charming, and if you watched this on VHS a billion times as a kid you'll surely get a nostalgic buzz. what i'm saying is, there's not really way to rate this against regular movies. nobody is going to go into this expecting anything less or more than what they will get. if any of this sounds appealing to you, you will probably love it. two interesting things though: it was nice to see a 1994 movie about video games where the protagonist is a girl who has to save her boyfriend's ass, and the actors here to a pretty good job, considering. and there's a short scene where the two main kids are driving around, windows down, and it's dark and the wind is blowing and the streetlights are shining in heavenly ways and there's some soft synthy type thing on the radio and i swear the word "Mann" popped in my head.