Party Girl

Party Girl ★★½

starts out strongly but gets a little dull and irritating about halfway through. at first there are some cute editing moves and music cues but they seem to disappear as parker posey gets more whiny and the jokes get less funny. it's fine though, and i am pro giving up the wild party life for library science. technically i've seen this before - when i was 11 or 12 i found the vhs in the back of a cabinet (not sure why because i don't think my mom ever saw or liked it) and squirreled it away in my room. then i stayed up late one night and watched it on my little tv, thinking it was some edgy and cool ~adult~ movie that was too racy for me. i was sorely disappointed, i think most of it went over my head and the rest was unappealing. my takeaway was that the life of a twenty-something seemed really boring except for the cool clothes, and i can't say my opinion has changed since.

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