Set It Up

a good example of what casting for completely shallow "diversity" reasons does - i don't think equality means the opressed ideally switch places and become the oppressors? so you've got a successful black businessman - wow! progressive! but the entire finale hinges on his white assistant giving him a lecture and another white man throwing coffee at him? the whole idea of two white people controlling a black man and an asian woman's lives "for their own good" is in very poor taste, and the white couple is the focus of the whole thing anyway - it's like they thought "well we can't have the assistants be black and the bosses be white because that's problematic" and never considered the script beyond page one. let's not even get started on the dude shopping for a ring for his boss and saying "do you think she minds blood diamonds?" cut to the black woman behind the counter grinning at him??!! even beside all that i am beyond uncomfortable with the casting of ruining your life to serve your abusive boss and still having to steal toilet paper from the office because you can't afford it as a quirky amusement, no matter what the outcome is. yes it's a silly romcom but if you want your movie to be meaningless candy maybe don't set it in an incredibly toxic late capitalist work environment? people are dying out here! it's not funny! even the poor struggling assistant has a joke moment where she treats a waiter like shit! anyway...this was a mess, and it's a shame because it was pretty funny. desperately wish they had done a simple love-hate thing with diggs & liu and cut out basically the entire, uh, set up.