Sorcerer ★★★★★

man vs. man vs. himself vs. nature

Somehow even better than I remembered, and the first time I saw it, it went on my "100 favorite movies" list the minute it ended. The restored version looks beautiful, clear without losing any of the nasty grime or general feeling of disgust. Seeing it in a theater made the genius of the music and sound design even more obvious, and all y'all know I'm nuts for that stuff. The shots and explosions, Tangerine Dream laid over the jungle vistas, the way "Ravel String Quartet in F major - 2nd movement" bleeds into some creepy synthesizer, the way a wedding ceremony ends with creepy synthesizer that sounds like a church get the idea.

Take Herzog's jungle and turn it into a horror movie - rain screeching, wind howling, branches reaching into the truck windows like grabbing hands. The truck a lumbering beast, its teeth bared and eyes glowing. Scheider's going nuts and turning into a ghost. Maybe you can't ever go home again...but what if you did, and your world has been destroyed, but home stayed exactly the same? I could ramble on about this for ages, how every line is a punch in the face and the ending is like being punched and then kicked to the ground and then shot, how beauty and the grotesque meld together visually behind the exquisite way these guys fall apart. Terribly beautiful. Painful as hell. The kind of movie that makes you want to cry or scream, because it tears you up but also because it's just so goddamn unbelievably good. I barely breathed.

And if I may add to Joe's Titular line reports: Basically yes, and in the greatest way possible.

Watch it in between FITZCARRALDO and SALVADOR.

Did he lower his hand?
- Yes.
Just another soldier.
- Nobody is just another anything.

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