Sorcerer ★★★★★

hello Austin residents! if you'd like to drink a bottle of Presidente, the very same beer Roy Scheider drinks in this, you can get it at the Mueller HEB. it's not cheap (about $8) but much better than i expected. went well with the barbeque i had yesterday, and would pair wonderfully with desperation, misery, a layer of sweat and grime that only comes from deadly hard labor, small talk with mysterious French bankers, yearning for a Coca-Cola pinup girl.

oh, and a new thing I thought about while watching this again - there is no luxury we enjoy that wasn't built with the blood of countless desperate, expendable people. when I started thinking about the "big picture" I sort of realized this premise isn't so outrageous after all. Friedkin said he'd never get tired of watching this, and I don't think I will either.

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