• Dominion



    watched this for tim thomerson, but the real standout is brion james in a rare quiet/serious role as a brokenhearted father driven to kill every obnoxious braindead asshole hunter who dares enter the woods and also ruins a cop's life, a hero imo

  • Mercury



    a simple, very popular indian supernatural formula but done really well -reminded me of pisaasu with its crazy abstract camerawork and tragic tearjerker ending, with subbaraj's broad political commentary and dark humor. wish i could read a deaf or blind person's perspective on this, but a blind person couldn't hear the story because there's no dialogue and a deaf person wouldn't get the crucial sound cues, so uhh..oh well. anyway like most other movies this leans too heavily on the…

  • Gentleman



    could do without the misogyny and the comedy is kinda lame but the songs and wildly dangerous action sequences are amazing, plus there's some really weird and disturbing violence, classique shankar! extra star because i haven't been able to watch a tamil movie in waaay too long and i could feel the batteries of my soul recharging for the full 2hr40mins

  • Nightmare Beach

    Nightmare Beach


    some great outfits, grisly murders and sleazy florida weirdos and atmosphere but mostly a snooze, doing a boring hangout vibe slasher doesn't work that well when the vibes are the worst kind in the universe (spring break)

  • Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity

    Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity


    passes the bechdel test and the two main heroines are women in STEM

  • Glass



    superheroes not as cops who protect the weak, but as fragile people trying to hold themselves together enough to experience love and kindness - being a freak as a heroic act against the world that will always try and eliminate anything abnormal

  • The Blonde Fury

    The Blonde Fury


    doesn't come close to reaching the heights of yes madam or righting wrongs, but this might be my favorite cynthia performance?? she actually has the main role and wears amazing clothes as usual and has pet turtles and drives around eating a burger. the whole thing is nonsense (my daughter said "that was the least boring movie ever even though i had no idea what was happening at any point") with very silly jokes but it gave cynthia the opportunity…

  • Chaos Walking

    Chaos Walking


    i looked forward to this for ages even though i knew it would suck because i loved the books, it did kinda suck but i got to see mads in a fur coat and bask in the nostalgia of when i first started reading YA as an adult before the entire industry and fandom got fucking weird, which ironically i think the current culture of forced inclusion/diversity casting without actually thinking through what you're saying is the one thing i…

  • The Resonator: Miskatonic U

    The Resonator: Miskatonic U


    loved this!! it's like a gory/sexy YA novel, riverdale + stuart gordon, my science project + neon softcore, really my only complaint is that it wasn't a longer movie or had more episodes...needed more scenes of the 35yr old teens hanging out and trying to solve the mystery of their mad scientist friend...but this is the rebooted 50's b-movie shit i dream of - yeah there are some cutesy references to other stuff and the whole thing is a gordon…

  • Don't Let Her In

    Don't Let Her In


    logged this after watching the first episode and then didn't get around to watching part 2 until a couple nights ago...i liked it!! thought it looked cool and was really funny without trying to make self-aware jokes about how dumb the whole thing is. love the succubus monster lady and her stupid new age crystal witch persona, i always knew those people were demons on the inside. the two episode thing is such a dumb scam but i kinda love…

  • When a Stranger Calls

    When a Stranger Calls


    wasn't at all expecting this to be a depressing police procedural/drama type thing but i'm not complaining. carol kane ❤️❤️❤️

  • The Rift

    The Rift


    so fun and gooey!!!! i will never get tired of submarine (or spaceship) monster stuff, and for some reason watching this group of people act even stupider than most do in these type of movies, i realized that it's actually not unrealistic at all?? like yes i would absolutely touch the scary slimy mutant toxic seaweed and then die immediately, if you think you wouldn't you're lying to yourself