• Ambulance



    put off watching this because i was still annoyed about 6 underground, so michael bay's michael mann-style film took me completely off guard, the humor works, the emotional relationships ring true, and obviously the action is divine. i know his politics are a mess but despite the america worship this is a movie about how a veteran can't pay his medical bills meanwhile lapd drives around in high tech million dollar batmobile suv's to protect the interests of a damn bank...much to think about!!

  • Jigarthanda DoubleX

    Jigarthanda DoubleX


    even though i am generally cynical about the "power of movies" as far as making real changes in the world, this was so invigorating and dynamic that i actually became a believer for the afternoon...thought a lot about palestine, specifically the bravery of people who are filming and sharing the truth to counteract state propaganda, maybe going to the theater won't save us but the intimate connection of sharing stories with people around the world, reaching out to each other…

  • Indian



    aside from obvious comparisons with anniyan, the movie i thought of the most while watching it was actually first blood - ptsd-ridden veteran is lost and confused when confronted with a world that no longer has a clear line between enemy and ally, and can't cope with the chaos of normality so goes insane trying to enforce rules...when rambo breaks it's an emotional storm, but when THE INDIAN breaks it's cold and calculating, which is even more psychotic. shankar's politics…

  • The Changeling

    The Changeling


    one thing i love about this, and why it's one of the better "about grief" horror movies, is when the supernatural stuff starts happening, george c scott doesn't even question it or try to find a rational explanation because he and his life are already so fucked up that he's already given up on rational

  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

    Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

    nothing special but enjoyable because both leads are so weird (bobby) and annoying (aish) that their toxic romance actually makes for a perfect couple. shammi is obviously the best part, closely followed by a nusrat fateh ali khan song cameo, not sure who made it happen but they rly went wild

  • A Breed Apart

    A Breed Apart


    not exactly sure what i expected but it wasn't a sexy autistic wilderness romance with a children's cartoon character villain..this one's for all us girls that watched rescuers down under hundreds of times

  • Eye for an Eye

    Eye for an Eye


    two seconds of cynthia rothrock <33333

  • Dead Again

    Dead Again


    this is highkey a bollywood movie, they even dance on a roof in the rain

  • Rocky


    so comforting, never gets old, one of the best romcoms...putting this in the chick flick canon

  • Leo


    both exhilarating and deeply upsetting for me, which made for a complicated watch - i guess i can blame it partly on my current mood and partly on the empty theater, but i found this to be profoundly sad in a way i wasn't fully prepared for. even though both master and vikram are dark, the fun mass moments and scenes took the forefront while the dark stuff seemed a fantastical add-on, but leo immediately sets a cold, evil mood…

  • Ghilli



    whenever it feels like i'm having the worst day ever i'll think of dhanalakshmi to remind myself how easy i have it

  • Warlock



    it's like this was purposely made for villain-loving pervert girls to write fanfic about (compliment)