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  • Naach


    the audacity of rgv doing rangeela again and making it all gritty w/ dull colors like a gangster movie w/ worse music...and of abhishek for interrogating his career and the bollywood industry like six months after he finally achieved mainstream success...this movie is so weird and way more about camera angles and lighting and crossfades and creating a ~mood~ than anything natural or realistic but i loved all the performances and i still of the songs looks like a…

  • Khandhar



    this is exactly how i imagined a slow, depressing, atmospheric movie about naseeruddin wandering around old buildings in a turtleneck taking photos and shabana staring at things and yearning (because society) would be, and i'm so glad

  • Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

    Jhoom Barabar Jhoom


    an intricately crafted pop-up fantasy storybook filled with dolls that dress and talk like cartoons instead of real humans but are still sympathetic and endearing, incredible soundtrack and costumes, god as a traveling musician in a train station, love as an adrenaline shot, something clumsy and dumb, destiny a thing as simple as a comic book, fake dream ideals of romance vs the reality of romance as childish and pure as running up the down escalator on a dare, the…

  • Women At Large: Breakout

    Women At Large: Breakout

    i know it's weird to just watch an exercise video on ur phone for fun but i need to soak up these highly concentrated good vibes rn

  • Krrish



    love that the first half of this is just baahubali 1 and then the amazing cursed fashions/cgi aesthetic really kicks in after intermission, hrithik is too cute w/ his soccer mom hair, and i know he's evil but i would die for cyberpunk naseeruddin

  • Beneath the Skin

    Beneath the Skin

    this certainly captures the feeling of knowing that dating men means like a 25% chance you're dating a murderer and it's not even a shocking revelation or anything just a fact you sort of absorb accept and move on with your life because what else are you supposed to do

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes


    happy birthday arthur conan doyle!

  • Parama



    rakhee is so amazing and i cried so thing that bothers me about "girl power" type feminism is it never actually takes into consideration what it costs women to decide to break the rules, and i think that robs them of their real strength, i loved this because rakhee is so gentle and normal that i can imagine other housewives watching it and finding comfort in the idea that if she could go through so much pain to find herself, they could too, and it would be worth it in the end.

  • Rudaali



    breathtaking cinematography, incredible music, broke my heart but it felt restorative too, just seeing & feeling this powerful woman energy, with rakhee & dimple kapadia getting to play emotionally complex roles and not sidelined by a male lead...i just loved it.

  • The Jigsaw Murders

    The Jigsaw Murders


    in the course of my naseeruddin/shabana azmi/deepti naval research i came across director jag mundhra, who did a few indie dramas in india at the beginning and end of his career, and a whole bunch of sleazy erotic thrillers in america in between. since those are my two favorite things, i was pretty excited to check him out - this movie was the earliest readily available one (on prime) so i decided to start here. on its own it's weird,…

  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    feels kinda weird to call this a vietnam allegory, even though it's very obvious and accurate w/r/t the soldiers being thrown into something they aren't remotely prepared for or invested in. but the narrative of "yes we know they're poor and gross and backwards and some of them are straight up psychopaths but they're just different and they're still nice people and you are the ones invading their homes after all", while depressingly more sensitive than most american depictions of…

  • Grimm's Snow White

    Grimm's Snow White


    exactly what you'd expect from an asylum production of snow white with giant lizards and demon dogs and an oppressed elf class added in, bad but so much better than either of the movies this is ripping off. my kid loved it! gonna watch the same director's adaptation of sherlock holmes with dinosaurs soon, love a woman auteur!