• Puppet Master: Doktor Death

    Puppet Master: Doktor Death


    i'm READY for the rebirth of the puppet master extended universe

  • Pedicab Driver

    Pedicab Driver


    literally there could be a shot for shot remake of this with rajinikanth in place of sammo plus a few songs, it's a perfect tamil masala movie that just happens to be a hong kong martial arts dramedy. one star off for the guys being brutally creepy but otherwise so perfect, it's so beautiful that something this ridiculous made me cry.

  • Maamanithan


    a bit hard to rate this - has similar flaws as dharmadurai where the plot/writing is so close to being really interesting and profound but just falls short, is a bit too shallow. vjs is wonderful when he's in happy husband mode during the first half, and he has some good scenes as the disgraced runaway in the second half, but you don't really get a sense of the depth of his despair (the "twist" and breakdown scenes did too…

  • David


    first off i thought i was losing my mind while watching this because i didn't realize there were two different versions so i spent the entire movie wondering where the third david was, i'm a dumbass. interesting to think how i would have reacted if david #1 was played by someone else who wasn't so hot and such a good actor, vikram's character literally punches women in the face for fun, and his storyline revolves around two men in love…

  • Maya Memsaab

    Maya Memsaab


    in the movie the incident that makes maya sick is a hideous act of violence instead of losing a lover like emma bovary, emma poisons herself with arsenic but maya gets to drink a magic potion that makes her wish of ultimate freedom come true - both have the same result, disillusionment followed by self-inflicted death, but maya, patron saint of unfulfilled women, is granted the compassion and dignity that she deserves

  • Cemetery of Terror

    Cemetery of Terror


    this girl is mad that her boyfriend told her they were going to a "jet set party" but took her to a nasty murder mansion, just want to put it on record that if anyone tries to trick me by saying we're going to an abandoned building and instead takes me to a fancy party i will murder them

  • Hellraiser



    i consider myself a prude but you guys were right this is nowhere near perverted enough

  • Phoonk



    boring but looks really cool + sudeep is cute

  • I'm Dangerous Tonight

    I'm Dangerous Tonight


    CINDERELLA'S REVENGE! lots of warranted comparisons to fear street/goosebumps but closer to point horror classic "prom dress" by lael littke. weird, dark, depressing, hysterical, extremely my thing

  • I Like Bats

    I Like Bats


    love this whiny baby vampire bitch. stunningly beautiful bad vibes

  • Nenjam Marappathillai

    Nenjam Marappathillai


    going to be fucked up over this one for a while

  • Vikram Vedha

    Vikram Vedha


    look u know i would die for vijay sethupathi and i'm so sorry but i liked this a lot more... still have issues with the story, i think it only works if you see the characters as equally sympathetic but vikram is clearly way more evil.. but it actually lends itself well to the glamorizing/smoothing out bollywood treatment, this has the feel of a purely entertaining action movie as opposed to the gritty attempted realism of the original, so the…