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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    There are days where you just need to watch this movie, you know?

  • Megamind



    Doesn't have the special "endless rewatch" power of THE INCREDIBLES, but the creative spin on the superhero story is nearly as good. It's not perfect but certainly underappreciated.

  • Suspicion



    I love this movie because it has many beautiful moments (Grant carrying an ominous glowing glass of milk being my favorite), it's suspenseful, funny, entertaining as hell, and also a wonderful opportunity for me to remind the world that in a bad relationship charm can be a much more powerful weapon than a fist, that emotional damage is still damage, and abuse often doesn't leave a visible bruise.

  • Little Shop of Horrors

    Little Shop of Horrors


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Watched director's and theatrical endings. Both are brilliant - theatrical as a bleak satire of The American Dream (my god, the pitiful 'Somewhere That's Green'), director's as a heartbreaking and hilarious special effects spectacle. Both are perfect, both are beautiful. My favorite part about the bluray release is the sound - full and clean, yes, but the only audio that makes it past the soundstage echo are the songs, bursting out and full of life. The director ending has great…

  • Curse of the Puppet Master

    Curse of the Puppet Master


    i actually rofl'd

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    I'm not too ashamed to admit that I was hanging on to the plot by a thread, that the bizarre mixture of fake accents churned the dialogue into an almost unintelligible muddy glop. I figured out enough to get by, but any subtle details were lost to me. I'll get it on a rewatch, I'm sure. The original score is perfect, but the early 2000's alt-rock is...bad. It isn't just because I can't stand that kind of music, because I…

  • The World's End

    The World's End


    "when I receive the blessing I've got coming,
    I'm going to raise an ice-cold glass of water
    and toast the living and the dead who've gone before me
    and my head will throb like an old wound reopening"

    ( )

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    The fact that I liked this as much as I did is a pretty big deal I think. An even bigger endorsement is that I could find very little to sympathize with, no character that I could see myself in or situation I could relate to, but I still enjoyed it. This film is sort of the reaction to the kind of films I hate - being quirky isn't all that it's made out to be, and the coolest thing…

  • Intolerable Cruelty

    Intolerable Cruelty


    A funny and very entertaining romantic comedy, based on a truly bleak premise, peppered with moments of bizarre disgust. Put it next to the rest of the Coen's work and it may be a minor one, but forget about that - how many romantic comedies are willing to go this dark, but remain charming? Movies like YOU'VE GOT MAIL are successful because people watch and say "oh, I wish something that special and romantic would happen to me!" - maybe…

  • Somebody Up There Likes Me

    Somebody Up There Likes Me


    still thinking about it, but maybe i loved this? all i know is that if i could rate individual lines of dialogue or moments, there would be a lot of five star ones.

  • Get a Horse!

    Get a Horse!


    Maybe the past and the present can work together after all.

  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    a love story to hear and touch. maybe the only movie about relationships that i can say 'yes, i know that' rather than 'yes, i've heard about that', but more elegant than anything that might be in a real life - mine anyway. i can understand complaints about forced profundity, but i appreciated a romance told by a scientist. poetry for nerds. life as experiment. worth rewatching, if only to see everything you missed when you blinked the first time…