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  • The Hearse

    The Hearse


    super boring but i love it - it's basically this but with a woman who refuses to leave her creaky house in the country and go home to san francisco even though all the gross old guys in town give her a bunch of shit. she shoulda gone for it with the strapping young handyman instead of the dapper yet incredibly suspicious gentleman tho.

  • Demon Wind

    Demon Wind


    there is a shot in which one of the characters throws an issue of good housekeeping into a fire. it is the june 1933 issue, and on the cover is a headline for a story - "remember me", by ursula parrott. ursula parrott wrote many short stories and novels in the 30's and 40's (including the novel "ex-wife", a favorite of mine), and eight movies were based on her books. she was married four times, had a pilot's license, and…

  • Bio-Dome


    in 5th grade i had a crush on pauly shore, and safety dance was my favorite song. i was also just beginning to wonder about the intricate mysteries of adulthood and sex. these are the only reasons i can come up with for why i rented this awful dirty-joke-fest from blockbuster every weekend (i also habitually rented junior, the one where arnold schwarzenegger is pregnant). like it linked me in to some bizarre world that i knew was dirty and…

  • The Laughing Policeman

    The Laughing Policeman


    nothing too exciting here, just a straightforward walter matthau + bruce dern police procedural in 1973 san francisco, but what else do you really need

  • Violent Cop

    Violent Cop


    quite an experience to see an action movie made up of muted colors, long still shots, a slow-motion fight sequence, a car chase set to quiet music, cops who don't carry guns, violence with an emotional impact, an antihero who you're supposed to like but not idolize - what if dirty harry couldn't hide behind a gun, and death actually meant something, and lashing out at a chaotic world as a coping mechanism was a sad and ugly thing, and the cycle never ended

  • Single White Female

    Single White Female


    this movie except jennifer jason leigh is bridget fonda and i'm jennifer jason leigh and it's real life

  • Woman on the Run

    Woman on the Run


    super snappy script and excellent atmosphere saved this boring-ass "oh wait my loser husband is good, actually" story. i declare it a gem

  • On Dangerous Ground

    On Dangerous Ground


    was not at all prepared for 5% crime and 95% absolutely devastating romance, but this cliche tough guy's character arc is a beautiful, vital thing that i never knew i always wanted out of a noir

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


    when the lights came up a young woman in the row behind me let out this very loud scream-wail-sob, i whipped around in shock because i honestly thought a small child was being murdered or having some kind of panic attack, but no, she just lifted her head and moaned "oh my goddddd", and while i don't condone or comprehend that outlandish behavior in public, i understand

  • The Barbie Diaries

    The Barbie Diaries


    cute but also kinda like mean girls passed through that unidentifiable youtube hell-bot algorithm machine from dimension x

  • Jane



    there are a few corny biopic flourishes and some annoying edits that modernize this at the expense of letting the images just sit there and breathe, but i know that the entire point of this is for it to appeal to as many people as possible, and seeing all that breathtaking nature set to a philip glass score kinda renders any of my nitpicks pointless. i have to say two things i super hate: see this in a theater if…

  • Maya Memsaab

    Maya Memsaab