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  • Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen

    Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen


    could have watched hours more of the archival footage...fascinating story about a powerful woman, beautiful meditation on cinema's personal and historical impact, new zealand history, what it's like to be a child of a radical, and what it's like to finally start to know your parent only after they're gone.

  • Katputtli



    a soap opera/trashy mystery paperback plot that makes just enough sense to be entertaining, aesthetically something like a very lurid mid-90s lifetime movie trying to be an erotic thriller...bright primary colors, blue tint, neon lights, trashy clothes, and not a single straightforward shot. if there isn't a dutch angle there's a weird lens, if someone is talking the camera is sitting on a table instead of aimed straight at them, if someone walks in a room you bet your ass…

  • Savage Beach

    Savage Beach


    passes bechdel test. yes they're nude in a hot tub but it still counts

  • Chaahat



    pretty soon i am going to run out of new completely unhinged SRK action-romance-horror?-soap opera hybrids from the 90s and my life will be over

  • Arctic



    remember hannibal? good times

  • Mythily Veendum Varunnu...

    Mythily Veendum Varunnu...


    80% drama about lightbulbs and a legit insane conclusion. extra star for the beefcake shots of hrithik taped up on the walls of the girl's apartment

  • Andhadhun



    "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind", but make it fashion...there's a late scene in a jazz club where a middle aged white lady is holding a glass of wine and staring at ayushmann khurrana while awkwardly swaying to the music with no sense of rhythm whatsoever - me!!

  • The Wind

    The Wind


    want to watch meg foster wander around a super cool apartment in greece? i do! that's the whole movie, no suspense or chills or thrills despite a lot of effort to create those feelings, just stuff lazily happening and the powerful wind. wings hauser is very creepy in his moustache and cuddly seaside knits, he looks like a combination of john lithgow and a boyfriend my mom had a long time ago that i adored. he's terrifying but still i'd rather be stalked and chopped up by him than spend five minutes having a conversation with any of the other three male characters.

  • Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

    Howling IV: The Original Nightmare


    boring nonsense but just weird enough to make it compelling...all the men have bizarre voices, bad dialog, the clothes are awful, there's a ghost nun for some reason, the boyfriend is a nightmare and i spent the whole time screaming for him to get eaten. hough is able to conjure some nice atmospheres occasionally with fog and lights but i know he can do better. he loves shooting people with a staircase in between subject and camera, not sure what…

  • Rang Rasiya

    Rang Rasiya


    like most biopics this never really rises above "pleasant", hopping across significant events without much time to process before it's on to the next one or a flash to the court case - oddly this is only two hours, seems like slowing down and adding an extra hour would have been good...i can't speak to historical accuracy but i liked the story, as well as the messages about women's oppression and art censorship, even if they were delivered anvil-style as…

  • Jaal



    murder, complex revenge schemes, drug deals, corruption, double crossing, doomed romance, poor villagers rising up against their evil rich overlords, twisted family secrets, pain, poverty, misery, lifetimes of suffering, a conclusion that piles tragedy upon tragedy so fast you can barely have time to breathe...but first...let's have a basketball contest while wearing magic gravity defying moon boots

  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2


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