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  • Paheli



    was expecting this to be much more overwrought/dramatic/depressing but it's fairly chill and cute with a good bit of humor, aside from the poorly aged animation it was pretty and appropriately whimsical. could have used 2 or 3 more songs i think!! (farah khan choreograpy!) my kid picked it out but it was on my queue because i saw an old SRK interview where he briefly talks about it - the idea that you can't expect a woman to be…

  • The Legend of Love

    The Legend of Love


    agghh this was so beautiful and sad...i really bought into the instant romance even though the guy falls in love with the girl after drinking out of a pot she made and seeing a vision of her in the water!! sunny deol & poonam dhillon were just so sweet and beautiful, and the cinematography was so dreamy when they were together. lots of action and the songs were lovely. the ending clearly being filmed indoors actually made it look dark and isolated instead of fake or cheesy, and was much better because of it.

  • Bareilly Ki Barfi

    Bareilly Ki Barfi


    i'm grateful that simple romcoms with a basic premise and great performances of endearing characters still exist in the world

  • Kya Kehna

    Kya Kehna


    for a movie whose moral essentially amounts to "the only greater sin in the world than a woman getting pregnant out of wedlock is abortion" i thought this was surprisingly well done. was very moved by the family togetherness theme and cried multiple times... i love that, as opposed to american romcoms with love triangles that make one character into an asshole so you feel good about the final choice, the indian ones i've seen so far end with the…

  • Amrapali



    gorgeous. the kind of movie where you don't realize how much you care until the ending...

  • A Chinese Ghost Story

    A Chinese Ghost Story


    not quite as cool as the poster (is anything?!) but the sfx + flowing robes are glorious...imagine i'd give this a way higher rating if i saw a 35mm print or something rather than a mediocre dvd transfer...

  • Sworn to Justice

    Sworn to Justice


    death wish except cynthia rothrock instead of bronson, kicks instead of guns, psychic powers instead of wandering around hoping people will mug you, and brad dourif instead of jeff basically an improvement on every level (sorry chuck and jeff!! :( ). the only downer is the gross love interest who i kept expecting to be a secret bad guy...though there is a romantic twist at the end that almost makes up for it. really feel like we lost something powerful when the blazer/skirt/black pumps + hairsprayed helmet combo went out of style...

  • One Dark Night

    One Dark Night


    the teen girls in this are beyond excellent so it's a shame there isn't more time spent on the teen girl antics, however it's hard to complain when there are so many gooey rotting corpses to marvel at

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Two-and-a-half hours ago, I didn't care one bit for Barbra Streisand.

    ...and more stunning revelations at film freak central.

  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon


    figured i owed this a second chance five years later (plus it was expiring from hulu), as i've seen hundreds more movies and generally know more and have a very different idea of what i'm looking for - so this time around i noticed how beautiful the photography is, how exhilarating it is to see laurence fishburne and sam neill argue, how heavy and touching all the performances are, how impressive the ship designs are, how scary it is, how…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    i actually hope there are dozens more of these, each doomed astronaut crew stupider than the last, with the insane rambling mythology and pondering over android-based philosophical questions taking up more and more of the plot until the finale is literally waiting for godot with several michael fassbenders inside an abandoned spaceship

  • Without Warning

    Without Warning


    um there are actually several warnings, and i'm sorry but i have no sympathy for any annoying teens who won't listen to jack fucking palance. love the crazy old men and ooey gooey alien thingies and desert predator vibes and david caruso being an asshole in short shorts and a director/photographer who knows good places to put the camera