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  • Jane



    there are a few corny biopic flourishes and some annoying edits that modernize this at the expense of letting the images just sit there and breathe, but i know that the entire point of this is for it to appeal to as many people as possible, and seeing all that breathtaking nature set to a philip glass score kinda renders any of my nitpicks pointless. i have to say two things i super hate: see this in a theater if…

  • Far from Home

    Far from Home


    it's super gross how this sexualizes drew barrymore and i hate that i loved the rest of it so much

  • Mad Love

    Mad Love


    what a beauty. when it wasn't being funny this really scared my soft lil heart, if i'd seen it in 1935 i probably would have died

  • The Lady from Shanghai

    The Lady from Shanghai


    as gorgeous, scandalous, and twisty as i'd hoped, much funnier than i ever could have expected. wild as hell. highlights: mirrors (duh), aquarium, hayworth hats, juror sneezing repeatedly for some reason, sweaty face close-ups, the second most harrowing shark monologue of all time delivered in one of the most irritating faux accents of all time.

  • Starman



    i was a total mess from the moment this started. if i so much as see a picture of that voyager record i start to cry, and this whole movie is so emotional that i never got a chance to stop. it surprised me at first that Carpenter made such a touching movie, but then i thought of THE THING and remembered what a master emotional manipulator he is. ending on a shot of Karen Allen's face instead of the…

  • The White Diamond

    The White Diamond


    Ships, trains and cars are all about man conquering his natural environment. He can walk and he can swim, but he must dominate the world around him to push himself far out of his home territory - he can swim one mile but not a thousand, he can walk but not very far, and why climb a mountain when you can just carve a hole and drive right through it?

    Flying is about transcending one's physical boundaries. I think it…

  • Wall Street

    Wall Street


    I'm biased. I've seen WALL STREET so many times, and my first viewings were bonding experiences with my aunt, who used to work in securities law and provided commentary on sordid tales of businessmen and interesting inside information on how insider trading works. I'm also completely insane for 80's junk - the computers and big phones and suits and ugly art brings me a great amount of joy.

    Those things are obviously superficial. It's incredible story about men and their…