You Were Never Really Here ★★★★★

Film #2 at Glasgow Film Festival 2018

This film is an experience. It's like a revenge flick that has taken a lot of acid which is definitely a compliment. The person who introduced the film said it felt "like a fever dream". He was right and by the end of it was shaking. A good kind of shaking. The film had really got to me and got under me. It's a mind bending and thought provoking 90 minutes with ANOTHER great performance from one of the best actors working today, Joaquin Phoenix.

Lynne Ramsey's direction is superb and the film has some of the best sound design I've seen this year, one of main reasons I was shaking as it made the film really feel unpredictable and super intense. This was helped a lot by Johnny Greenwood's score (what scores of his aren't?). It's superb and requires big screen viewing.

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