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  • Little



    "Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

    Workingmen of all countries unite!"

                       -Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto 

  • High Life

    High Life



    cerebral sci fi that feels like a barely remembered dream, constantly closing in, yet stretching out to its molecular limits. "indifference of space" gets put aside for a space that feels angry, hungry almost. it's easy to forget im a tiny fragile thing of bones and nerves with skin to hold it all together, and claire denis capitalizes on that complacency to an effect ive rarely ever seen. this took a bite right out of me.

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  • Mid90s



    jonah hill: so you guys will distribute my movie?? that's great!!

    a24 exec #1 and #2: our pleasure jonah :) 

    jonah hill: only problem is i don't have a cast member in mind for a brother i kinda need help with that

    a24 exec #1 and #2, simultaneously: The Basement

    a24 exec #1 and #2: opens a heavily guarded secret underground vault leading to lucas hedges 

    lucas hedges who hasnt eaten in 4 days: is that you..mother...what is going on..,…

  • Thoroughbreds



    gotta say this live action adaptation of the barbie horse adventures video games got seriously intense