Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★★

My first Abbas Kiarostami film was a viewing experience I was really not expecting. I had read a few analysis essays on some of his films like A Taste for Cherry and how Kiarostami sets up scenes and films environments in incredibly naturalistic ways, it's hard to tell your watching something fictional at all. This is absolutely true with this film, everything felt so organic, from the performances (juliette motherfucking binoche) to the cinematography to the way the plot develops. Speaking of plot, this is arguably one of the most clever and subtle plot switches I've seen out of any film. It doesn't feel like whiplash, it wasn't done in a haphazard or disorganized way that might have been executed if it were handed to any other director. It was as quiet as a whisper, and as soon as I realized what was happening, it floored me. It shows how masterful Kiarostamis hand is here at structure and character development. It's powerful in its intimacy and sentimentality, and I think I'm in for a good time if more of Kiarostamis films are cut from the same cloth as this.

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