Inception ★★★★★

Nolan's masterpiece. This is, to me, the height of his work, the film that shows how effortless he can establish likeable characters and their motivations which you come to clearly understand in little to no time at all without sacrificing the tension of the opening scene and the rest of the scenes that follow. This is criticized as Nolans most "exposition" heavy entry, yet I feel that the exposition is kept fresh by the scenes that accompany them: the penrose staircase, Paris folding in over itself, the entire opening sequence, the beginning of the scene in Mombasa where Cobb meets with Eames, and so on. These scenes all have exposition but Nolan manages to keep us engaged with a unique visual style and tight characterization that bend what could be an incredibly boring scene into something that feels like a genuine discovery. Which exactly what Inception is.

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