Kaili Blues ★★★★★

"You took a photo and stole my soul."

or: Guizhou Express. bi gan holds a greater understanding of film grammar at 29 than many achieve in their whole lives, and watching Kaili Blues, you get the feeling he was born to do this. much of this feels like "if you were a fly on the wall" type of stuff, as if you were a bird flying from fragment to fragment around Guizhou, and bi gan shoots it with a cryptic, inscrutable sort of fondness. the andrei tarkovsky + apichatpong weerasethakul comparisons certainly hold merit (who knew the perfect companion piece to Stalker would arrive 36 years later), but this is an entirely new beast that deserves to be seen without the perspective of bi gans' forebears. a mystery film that ironically alleviates all the tension in your body. the best kind of dream.