Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

"Were you emotional the first time you drove in Sacramento?" 

Half an hour before taking my catholic mother to see this, we stopped by a wishing fountain and as luck would have it, I found the last two pennies in my wallet, both the year 2017, one for her and one for me. We both stared at them for a long time; my mom quietly prayed for her wish to come true, her voice carrying a quiet yearning as she tossed it into the fountain. I took a bit more time, closing my eyes and doing my best to focus on what I truly wished for. I kissed the penny, and let it go in the water. That moment made me realize how much my mother and I have been through together. Shes the strongest person I know. 

So this was as expected, a very emotional film for the both of us. Certain habits Lady Bird carries that angers her mother (using two towels for the bathroom, something I do) seemed like moments directly lifted from my life. We looked over at each other multiple times and just laughed at the coincidences. We bonded over how much of ourselves we saw in these characters. It felt like a gift.

Experiences as beautiful, insightful, and honest as Lady Bird are few and far between. Greta Gerwig displays a directoral skill that is mind blowing for a debut. She has such love for the free spirited era of being young and passionate about something. She's not only proved herself as a legendary screen presence and writer, but now as a director. There's no doubt in my mind come Academy time, I would love to see her on stage accepting every award under the sun.

I've been feeling old recently at 21, but for an hour and a half, this let my mom and I feel young again. This was needed. Thank you for this.

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