Let the Corpses Tan ★★★★★

"Tonight should last forever."

Oh, how I wish it would. There is a very special, very rare bittersweet feeling in finding a film that is so perfect, seemingly so specifically tailored to suit your tastes and interests that you cant believe its real and it practically ruins other movies for you. You might blink and it would be gone forever, as if the entire ordeal was a coping fantasy in a world where cinema like this doesn't get made anymore. But Let the Corpses Tan is that kind of little miracle. Eurocrime? It's all there. Acid spaghetti western? You betcha. Giallo? Enjoy the little sprinkles of it. Exploitation in lieu of masters like Jess Franco? Got you covered. It may not be a deconstruction of an entire genre like Amer and Strange Colors, but Corpses shows that there's more to Helene and Bruno then their past genre autopsies. Everything that's intoxicating about their last two features is melted down and turned up full volume in a film that doesn't ask any big questions about the genre its a part of, it just clearly fucking loves it as big and wide as I do. It's just a bonus that this is the best film that I've ever seen out of any of those genres its portraying. I wished it lasted the rest of my life.

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