mid90s ★★★★

jonah hill: so you guys will distribute my movie?? that's great!!

a24 exec #1 and #2: our pleasure jonah :) 

jonah hill: only problem is i don't have a cast member in mind for a brother i kinda need help with that

a24 exec #1 and #2, simultaneously: The Basement

a24 exec #1 and #2: opens a heavily guarded secret underground vault leading to lucas hedges 

lucas hedges who hasnt eaten in 4 days: is that you..mother...what is going on..,

a24 exec #1 and #2: *chucks the mid90s script at him* you know what the fuckncvcn is going on

lucas hedges: oh a script...can i play a new character? please? mmm brother?

a24 exec #1 and #2, at the same time: Depression

lucas hedges: oh..ok....

lucas hedges: hey timothee do you wanna read this with me 

timothee chalamet, levitating slightly while picking away at a sunflower: So Much Time In The Day.....Im Sorry, Son. Another Time. Much To Contemplate. There Is A House Burning Down...Somewhere  🐑

lucas hedges: i havent seen the sun in 2 years

timothee chalamet: How Can You See With Your Eyes When You Have Refused To See With Your Mind

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