Nope ★★★★½

jordan peeles best film.

usually when i say something like this, the reviews beforehand go to the tune of “it’s their most ambitious but also polarizing” but that’s exactly what makes it work. the ambition is the *point*. the “spectacle” of an original summer blockbuster is few and far between these days, and jordan peele is in a position where even his name will get people in theaters. that’s a power not a lot of directors hold anymore.

but this film sees him entering new territory. grand, large scale filmmaking, ironic considering the entire film takes place in a ranch nestled in the mountains of california. the 65mm cinematography lets jordan peeles images breathe and truly come to life. wide, wide shots allowing multiple messages to be conveyed at once. some funny, most terrifying. this was meant to be seen in imax. it’s his most purely entertaining film by far, and the most entertaining i’ve seen all year.

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