Parasite ★★★★★

"Hell, if i had all this money, I'd be nice too."

i remember when i used to visit my father on the weekends as a kid, and one day i told him i wanted to make movies. he laughed in my face, saying they were a waste of time (and by extension i was wasting mine) and if he wanted to sit around for two hours, he'd do it talking to friends. i remember the two of us watching a Bond movie together one night, and he fast forwarded through all the "bullshit talking parts" to get to the action scenes. i think sometimes about how he perceived movies, and then i begin to think about what movies mean to people in general.

Parasite is perhaps the best and most immediate example of just how wrong this mindset has been proven. the "talking parts" of Parasite play out like a bank robbery in one moment, a bomb diffusion in the next. on a rewatch, im astonished at how quickly this thing moves. the strength of the films script cannot be overstated, how it consistently rewards audience participation, and how every detail feels so meticulously put together. this is a model for how films can actually be directed, by a director with a vision. that this has become a watershed moment in many peoples' lives who are ready to expand their taste in cinema, who are ready to perceive film differently than they did before, is something we can all celebrate for a change.

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