The Tree of Life ★★★★★

"O Lord my God, I have called out to you for help, and you have healed me."

- Psalms 30:2

a few days ago, i visited a coastal town where the beach overlooked the ocean. the sky was a deep gray and the wind was biting. i think i must have walked that beach for hours, but i never would have known that, the way it seemed to go on forever. the sky and sand were virtually the same color, and what i saw miles ahead of me looked like the sand and sky eventually merged, like my surroundings folded into itself. it felt like i had reached the end of the universe with no one else in sight, and it was the most beautiful thing i had experienced in years.

that feeling of the wind against my skin, the small waves and the gray sky brought me back to how i feel when i watch this film. The Tree of Life is the ultimate impressionist work in capturing the beauty of everything we know about our world and our lives, and also everything we dont. i can understand why someone may not like this film, but once you give all of yourself up to it, it seems like its the only thing that exists in that moment.

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