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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    they call it the souvenir shop.

  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    "I was thinking I could be made into a leather jacket."

    succeeds in embodying a collective dread better than a lot of out-and-out horror movies of the last few years. i really appreciate how the apparent last day of the characters, but most notably Amy, is focused on these wordless goodbyes to the human senses. touching, tasting, smelling every last bit of surroundings, running fingers across the plywood flooring, listening to Mozart etc. it adds a dimension of personal tragedy to an already terrifying premise that is aided by the ritualistic visuals that i absolutely ate up. take a bow amy seimetz.

  • The Kissing Booth 2

    The Kissing Booth 2


    pissed off.

  • The Painted Bird

    The Painted Bird


    "Come and fetch me."

    one of those times where i think to myself "yeah, i got nothing. but i guess ill try."

    my absolute favorite film of the year so far, and i don't see it being dethroned. watching this made me miss movie theaters even more, which i didn't think was possible. contains some of the most gorgeous 35mm b&w photography you're likely to see in a film, and to see this in theaters would have been mind melting…

  • Midsommar



    ari aster: alright florence now on this scene i want you to- 

    florence pugh: im gonna stop you right there. what if you roll the camera and i just go apeshit

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    im continuously astounded by the patience and natural eye reichardt has for her direction. i appreciate her approach for only the most economical of shots; anything that is unnecessary or showy is discarded for a more tactile approach to the setting, characters, and story. First Cow takes tense situation after tense situation and imbues it with a tender, careful study. once again the pacific northwest plays a crucial backdrop in the development between a relationship between two men as their…

  • Suspiria



    me and the homies when we go get taco bell

  • Shirley



    "It hurts."

    hey look the first 2020 release i can confidently say is a fucking masterpiece. josephine decker is one of the most exciting filmmakers working right now for a reason, with her explorations of mental state through the use of audiovisuals, camera focus, and performance is the most exciting marriage to witness onscreen. everything comes together to create a work, much like Madeline's Madeline, both reserved and exhilarating. i cant think of any other movie that shows you the true ingredients that makes a good writer: insanity and horniness.

  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life


    "O Lord my God, I have called out to you for help, and you have healed me."

    - Psalms 30:2

    a few days ago, i visited a coastal town where the beach overlooked the ocean. the sky was a deep gray and the wind was biting. i think i must have walked that beach for hours, but i never would have known that, the way it seemed to go on forever. the sky and sand were virtually the same color,…

  • Doubt



    this is the level of acting theater kids think they’re achieving

  • Donkey Skin

    Donkey Skin


    im not entirely sure if i just watched a 70s french musical featuring songs about not marrying your father, helicopters, red horses, women vomiting frogs, parrots that speak french, catherine deneuve singing about cake, or if the side effects of my zoloft are getting worse

  • The Unchanging Sea

    The Unchanging Sea

    this film, in essence, is the epitome of everything Eli was capable of. an entire history of the medium within 16 minutes, condensed into something you could hold in your hand. i wished i talked to him more. endlessly kind, endlessly knowledgeable, and endlessly talented. we will never see the like of Eli Hayes again. i hope you are at peace my friend.