Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

Mischief. Mayhem. Soap. Fight Club....

''This is your life and its ending on minute at a time''

I still can't believe I saw this in full only 2 years ago thanks to a guy who I met and we become great friends thanks to this film.

Every man's movie
David Fincher's second collaboration with Brad Pitt is a tough, moody gruesome one. This isn't just a movie, its a philosophy...No wonder its an all time favourite. There are some many great and memorable scenes of pure Gold cinema.

"I am Jack's wasted life."

Yeah it was box office bomb back in 99, well not a bomb but it failed the studios expectations. Do you know what? Who Cares, its still relevant 15 years, a astonishing piece of filmmaking. ''Its not about the money it about the message'', you just might be suspiciously familiar with this quote? Huh?

''I'm Jack's lack of Surprise.''

Edward Norton plays Jack AKA The Narrator, A guy sick of his job and constantly suffering from insomnia. Maybe he worries about the things forcing him to stay awake at night. After a doctors visit, he manages find a testicular cancer talk group, where he pretends he has. He gets some catharsis and is able to sleep at night. he develops a habit of going to alot of talk groups, meeting the strange Marla and eventually meeting mysterious the liberal and anarchist Tyler Durden who they join together to form fight club, for men to get a release, to fight but it gets bigger then them causing a sudden unpredictable outcome.

"I am Jack's smirking revenge."

Impressively directed with some lush sequences and montages. wonderfully acted by Norton and Pitt, making the best performances of both their careers. This combination creates strong energetic and chaotic chemistry between them. Respectfully adapted from author Chuck Palahniuk hit novel. Bombastic and audio addictive soundtrack booms in the background by the great Dust Brothers.
Fight Club is in mind a sheer and utter masterpiece.

''The first Rule of fight Club is......??''

Fight club isn't just about the drama or the action, the entertainment. It's about its morals in society and has a strong political context. How the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Democracy only works in theory, society is polluted with governmental corruption so'' I say lets evolve...'' It never gets old, it's aged quite well....

''Maybe self destruction is the answer.''

there is also a small amount homoerotic overtones, that didn't make me really uncomfortable with sweaty men fighting underground. Just a thought floating in my head.

In Tyler we trust

I just broke the first rule..

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