Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt ★★★

Up next in my Michael Douglas marathon: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. I had seen it when it was released on DVD and I remembered thinking it was pretty good, which is why I bought a previously viewed copy from the videostore I used to work at. I finally rewatched it 13 years later and while it wasn't as bad as other reviews here make it seem, it sure wasn't as good as I thought it was in 2009.
The problem with Beyond a Reasonable Doubt is the casting. Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn aren't really believable as the main characters, they both seem too young and/or baby-faced for being a news reporter and assistant DA. The movie was released only a few years after John Tucker Must Die and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, where they're playing teenagers, so that didn't help my perception of them. Joel David Moore also seemed weirdly cast in this, as I couldn't help but see him as JP in Grandma's Boy, which is one of my favorite mid-2000s comedies.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt would've benefited from having more scenes with Michael Douglas. You can tell that at that point in time he was already 4 decades into his career, he out acts everyone in the film and pretty much gives us the only reason to watch this movie. The story is pretty good, but its a remake from a 1950s film so, while I've never seen the original, they probably didn't change it that much. I'd only recommend watching Beyond a Reasonable Doubt if you're a Michael Douglas completist.

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