Black Friday

Black Friday ★★½

With that cast and premise, Black Friday deserved to be a way better movie than what it was.
Bruce Campbell should've had way more screen time and more one-liners. Michael Jai White was kicking ass for the short amount of time he's actually in the movie, it was a very bad move to kill him of half-way. Devon Sawa was pretty much the saving grace of Black Friday. The rest of the cast were pretty bland and I didn't care for most of them, except Ivana Baquero. Both Ryan Lee and Stephen Peck were really annoying, their characters didn't deserve to last that long.
The CGI was pretty laughable but I'm used to watching these types of low budget post-2010 horror movie so it wasn't something that turned me off. It was really just the boring script that ruined Black Friday. I'm giving it 2.5 stars but that's just for having Bruce, Devon and Michael Jai White in the same movie, without them this would've been max 1.5 or maybe even 1.

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