Black Rain

Black Rain ★★★

This was my second time watching Black Rain and I didn't really remember anything about it and I can understand why, it's a pretty forgettable movie.
For me it seemed like they tried to mix Blade Runner with Lethal Weapon. You've got the looks of Blade Runner; rain/ fog with neon lights and some industrial looking settings; and then they added the buddy cop feel of Lethal Weapon; the main serious cop with a mullet, and his funny sidekick partner.
I didn't really like Michael Douglas in this role, I'm not saying he was bad because he was still doing a good job, but this action cop role doesn't really suit him. *SPOILER* Unfortunately they killed off Andy Garcia in the middle, which really put a damper on the rest of the movie. For the second half Michael Douglass is paired with Ken Takakura who's character is pretty boring. Maybe if they would've made him more entertaining, kinda like Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour series, it could've saved the movie, but after Andy Garcia died I kinda zoned out.
If the second half would've lived up to the first half, Black Rain could've been a 4 star movie. But like I said, the lack of Andy Garcia and his lively performance makes me take a star off.

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