Mystics in Bali

Mystics in Bali ★★½

I'm going 50/50 on my rating for Mystics in Bali.
This was pretty bad and I had almost no idea what was going on the whole time. At one point they're just filming bushes and trees. It was also one of the worst dubbings I've ever heard in a movie. That old witch sounded like Yoda with a sore throat.
On the other hand there was some cool transformation scenes which reminded me of the ones in Howling. There was also some so-bad-its-good early CGI effects, I'd take those over any of the shitty CGI we see in early 2000s films. Also one of the main characters looked like an Asia Lionel Richie which I thought was funny.
Mystics in Bali is the kind of movie that's only fun to watch with friends while having a few beers. If I had watched this by myself at home I probably would've turned it off after 20 minutes.

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