One Night at McCool's

One Night at McCool's ★★★½

Apparently I'm doing a Michael Douglas marathon now, it wasn't planned but after watching my "Michael Douglas 4-Movie" Collection I decided to also watch Don't Say A Word and Traffic, so might as well just go right in and watch me some more MD films!
I think I've only seen One Night at McCool’s one time before and it was probably about 10-15ish years ago, so I had completely forgotten that Michael Douglas was in this. This is for sure a movie that could've only been made 20 years ago. Most of the jokes here wouldn't fly at all in the 2020s. One Night at McCool’s really has some big There's Something About Mary vibes, not just because Matt Dillon is also in it, but also because it was made in the same late 90s / early 2000s when this was the "normal" type of comedies you could expect.
For this period, the cast is really stacked; Matt Dillon as already mentioned, Liv Tyler only a few months before LOTR, Paul Reiser coming right off the end of Mad About You and in a role you wouldn't expect of him, John Goodman in his peak, Andrew Dice Clay in a dual role, Reba McIntire in a rare film role right before she starred in her own TV show, and of course Michael Douglas being bad ass as usual.
One Night at McCool’s seems to be deemed to be one of those forgotten films from the early 2000s since it's never received a proper bluray release and isn't streaming anywhere. Of course I own a DVD copy, and if you wanna be cool and get all the girls like Michael Douglas, you know you need a DVD player a big screen TV and a home theater system!

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