Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone ★★★★½

Romancing the Stone was one of those classic VHS rentals from my childhood. I'm not too sure if it was in the late 80s from Jumbo Video or just in the early/mid 90s when a bunch of other videostores opened in our area, but for sure my parents showed me Romancing the Stone when I was a kid.
It might be sacrilegious to say this, but I've always enjoyed Romancing the Stone much more than Indiana Jones. It might be because its shorter, those Indiana Jones movies are all around 2 hours and feel longer than they need to be. It could also be because Michael Douglas in this role is just funnier than Harrison Ford who's pretty much always serious as Indy. Another thing missing in the Indiana Jones movies is Danny DeVito. He's awesome in pretty much everything he's done and for sure makes any movie better even if its a really boring movie. Kathleen Turner is great too, I haven't seen many of her other films but I'm a big fan of her in the 2 movies from this series and in Peggy Sue Got Married. Also every Robert Zemeckis movie I've seen that he's done were really good. He might not be as prolific as Spielberg but his filmography is nothing to be ashamed of.
I also need to mention the Doobie Brothers reference, I love the Doobies and any movie that mentions them gets all my love!
While Romancing the Stone might not be in my all time favorite films, which is why I'm only rating it 4.5 stars, it totally deserves better than just being classified as another 80s Indiana Jones ripoff or cash-in.

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