Samaritan ★★★½

I wanted to see Samaritan ever since it was released on Prime but I never took the time to actually watch it until now. Reviews seemed to be saying it was mediocre to pretty bad, but I really enjoyed it.
First of all I need to mention that I hate most superhero movies. All those never ending Marvel and DC series with tons of CGI just make me wanna vomit. I enjoyed most of the X-Men movies, even though they made way too many of them, and the Batman trilogy with Christian Bale was awesome too. The ones I like are mostly anti-superhero movies which are usually pretty dark and very violent, just like Samaritan.
I wouldn't say that I'm a huge Stallone fan, but he did appear in lots of classic series like Rocky, Rambo, The Expendables, and a ton of other 80s and 90s action that are almost all good. Since the early 2000s, his movies have been pretty much hit or miss for me. What stands out from most other actors that still make big action films well passed their prime, is that Stallone has settled into playing his age, and he's still badass.
Samaritan would've rated higher for me if it wasn't for the fact that the movie felt like it was missing a few scenes. At least 3 or 4 times I was left wondering why it skipped right away to the next scene without showing or explaining what happened in between the two. I've seen that Samaritan is supposed to be released on physical media in early 2023, hopefully there's gonna be an extended cut, if not it's kind of a shame that they didn't have the movie be at least 2 hours long, 100 minutes seemed way too short for its content.
Also, the whole time I thought that the actor playing Cyrus was Michael Shannon. When I saw that its actually some guy called Pilou Asbæk I was very surprised!

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