• A Chorus Line

    A Chorus Line


    I tried watching A Chorus Line for my Michael Douglas marathon, I'm not sure what I was expecting but I had to stop it halfway. Too much singing, too much dancing, not enough Michael Douglas.
    He's there pretty much the whole time, for the 1 hour that I watched, but you only see him in between shots and from time to time he interejects a few lines.
    What did surprise me was seeing Terrence Mann from the Critters film series as one of the main characters, Michael Douglas' assistant. Oh, and Wayne Gretzky's wife is also in this.

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday


    With that cast and premise, Black Friday deserved to be a way better movie than what it was.
    Bruce Campbell should've had way more screen time and more one-liners. Michael Jai White was kicking ass for the short amount of time he's actually in the movie, it was a very bad move to kill him of half-way. Devon Sawa was pretty much the saving grace of Black Friday. The rest of the cast were pretty bland and I didn't care…

  • The Jewel of the Nile

    The Jewel of the Nile


    It's not a surprise that The Jewel of the Nile isn't as good as Romancing The Stone; they changed the screenwriter and the director, the main cast only came back by contractual obligation and everything was done within 18 months of the first movie. They also separated Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner for most of the movie, which is what made the first movie so good. At least it has more of Danny DeVito in it!
    Even with all that,…

  • Romancing the Stone

    Romancing the Stone


    Romancing the Stone was one of those classic VHS rentals from my childhood. I'm not too sure if it was in the late 80s from Jumbo Video or just in the early/mid 90s when a bunch of other videostores opened in our area, but for sure my parents showed me Romancing the Stone when I was a kid.
    It might be sacrilegious to say this, but I've always enjoyed Romancing the Stone much more than Indiana Jones. It might be…

  • Black Rain

    Black Rain


    This was my second time watching Black Rain and I didn't really remember anything about it and I can understand why, it's a pretty forgettable movie.
    For me it seemed like they tried to mix Blade Runner with Lethal Weapon. You've got the looks of Blade Runner; rain/ fog with neon lights and some industrial looking settings; and then they added the buddy cop feel of Lethal Weapon; the main serious cop with a mullet, and his funny sidekick partner.…

  • Samaritan



    I wanted to see Samaritan ever since it was released on Prime but I never took the time to actually watch it until now. Reviews seemed to be saying it was mediocre to pretty bad, but I really enjoyed it.
    First of all I need to mention that I hate most superhero movies. All those never ending Marvel and DC series with tons of CGI just make me wanna vomit. I enjoyed most of the X-Men movies, even though they…

  • Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

    Weird: The Al Yankovic Story


    I knew going into Weird: The Al Yankovic Story that it was going to be a biopic spoof but I didn't know what to expect. And like the title suggests, it gets pretty Weird! While I would've really liked to have an actual straight biopic about Weird Al's life, I still did enjoy this.
    The only way I could explain what I saw is to compare it as a mash-up of Weird Al's UHF movie with the biopic spoof Walk…

  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

    Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


    Up next in my Michael Douglas marathon: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. I had seen it when it was released on DVD and I remembered thinking it was pretty good, which is why I bought a previously viewed copy from the videostore I used to work at. I finally rewatched it 13 years later and while it wasn't as bad as other reviews here make it seem, it sure wasn't as good as I thought it was in 2009.
    The problem…

  • One Night at McCool's

    One Night at McCool's


    Apparently I'm doing a Michael Douglas marathon now, it wasn't planned but after watching my "Michael Douglas 4-Movie" Collection I decided to also watch Don't Say A Word and Traffic, so might as well just go right in and watch me some more MD films!
    I think I've only seen One Night at McCool’s one time before and it was probably about 10-15ish years ago, so I had completely forgotten that Michael Douglas was in this. This is for sure…

  • Dark



    ***Reposted After The Movie Was Deleted and Re-Added***
    As mentionned in my review for Dying Of The Light: I bought the bluray rental version of this way before I knew anything about the controversy surrounding the reediting of the footage by the studio, who denied Paul Schrader final-cut privilege.
    Well if the Dark cut is close to what Schrader sent in, I'm think that maaaaaybe the studio was right to do this! The 75 minute cut might have removed 20…

  • Traffic



    I had seen Traffic a few times back in the 2000s but I hadn't seen it in the last 10 years. I remember really liking it back then but this time I was kinda bored.
    Don't get me wrong it's still a really good film, I like all the different storylines that intertwine, but it's really slow during certain scenes and with the 2h30 length of the movie, I found myself zoning out a few times.
    I had forgotten that…

  • Mystics in Bali

    Mystics in Bali


    I'm going 50/50 on my rating for Mystics in Bali.
    This was pretty bad and I had almost no idea what was going on the whole time. At one point they're just filming bushes and trees. It was also one of the worst dubbings I've ever heard in a movie. That old witch sounded like Yoda with a sore throat.
    On the other hand there was some cool transformation scenes which reminded me of the ones in Howling. There was…